Blank: A Collaborative Study of Sexuality Through Drawing

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The Collaboration was begun in January 2009 as a way to stimulate creativity between T. and R. Most of the drawings began with no theme in mind and only acquired more layered meaning as they were sent back and forth. The project continues to evolve.

R. IsleR.
I went to college for six years and then graduated with a degree unrelated to art. I work in an office under fluorescent light in a field unrelated to art.
R. IsleT.
T. was born and raised in South Dakota. In college he double majored in graphic design and studio art at a public university in northern Minnesota where he met a lot of weird people. He studied abroad in Birmingham, England his sophomore year, met a lot more weird people, and eventually realized he was secretly in love with painting. After college he moved to Chicago to carry on a near-loveless marriage with his first wife, design.